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Qor Concept was started in 2014 as an indie game studio. It is based in Ontario, Canada, and is run by a small staff of talented, dedicated people. At the core of it all, we make games. We like to have fun, laugh, and play around with new technology. There is nothing cooler than seeing someone playing a game we made and enjoying themselves.
We have a ton of ideas for games, and the skill to make them. Ultimately, we want to share our ideas with you, and bring some good times your way!
We're still new, so there isn't much more to say here. Follow along with our dev blog to keep up to date on our upcoming projects!

Technology Used

To date all of our games are being made using the Unity game engine. Assets are created using a combination of GIMP and Blender, and the code itself is written in MonoDevelop.
We make use of CoherentUI for our in-game UI design, and that is actually why we are able to release some of the minigames that will be included in our first game on the website here. Coherent allows us to write all of our UI code in HTML5 and Javascript. Makes it pretty easy to share on a webpage!

Random trivia: this website was written entirely in notepad++.