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Roll Out | In Dev

Sep 28, 2017

Roll Out development continues, with several new features in the pipes!

First and foremost, the Road Train will live up to its name with the addition of Trailers!

Trailer beds can be built at the end of the Road Train, currently with a maximum of 10. These trailer beds can have special trailer buildings added to them, which perform various functions including replicating…

Roll Out Released!

Aug 09, 2017

Roll Out has been released on Steam!

You can find all information about the game here.

A huge thank you to all beta testers who volunteered their time to help me root out and solve any bugs!

  • SuperKimbit
  • Xyphius
  • LoudRob
  • Overseeker79
  • Profiler
  • Maoyu
  • Mikarin
  • Ehngel
  • Moridrex


Approved on Steam!

Jul 06, 2017

Over the past couple months, we at Qor Concept have been hard at work putting as much polish into our upcoming game Roll Out as possible. Everything from updated artwork, to script tweaks, achievement art, UI reworks, modding support optimization and more.

And now it looks like it's all coming to fruition: Roll Out has been accepted on to Steam!

A new launcher has been created…

Unit Responses

May 09, 2017

Hello everyone!

One additional feature Beta testers could universally agree on was the lack of unit responses when giving them a command. The game felt like it was missing something without a sound cue to indicate selection, or a move order, etc. So, I've added unit responses!

Each response is registered via the dev tools, and multiple responses are available for each action.…

Beta Testing Continues!

May 02, 2017

Hello everyone!

Beta testing for Roll Out is going well, we are getting lots of good feedback from those playing it. We will be looking for another round of testers, so if you're interested, be sure to sign up (or log in if you already have an account), then opt-in to beta testing at your account…

Going Green!

Feb 01, 2017

Roll Out is almost ready for Steam Greenlight!

It's been under testing for a few weeks now, and things are progressing well. All that remains is to get back some sprite work that I've been waiting on, and make a short video for an intro.

Several new features have been added, including game progression controls, new shaders/light effects, and improved map generation.


Custom A/V Processing

Dec 12, 2016

Unity is a pretty nice game engine. The license is reasonable, the out-of-the-box functionality is solid, and there are constant improvements being made.

A particularly winning aspect (which is not unique to Unity mind you) is that it is completely customizable through editor scripting - if there's functionality that you need, and it isn't there, you can add it.

This falls somewhat…

Designing for Mods

Oct 06, 2016

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had started working on a new game, working title Roll Out.

I outlined the premise on the forums, in this post.

This game has been designed with modding in mind from the ground up. So much so, that the core game itself is in fact largely a mod. That way,…

Roll Out!

Sep 28, 2016

A while back, I started using a small project to prototype functionality for Distant Realms.

I did so because a smaller project compiled faster, and could essentially get pieces working for realms, package them up, then import them into the larger project already working.

However, I started having so much fun with it that it kind of turned into a game of its own. Last week,…

Charge, Charge, Charge!

Sep 14, 2016

Hi everyone!

This will serve as the first post under the new update schedule.

A *lot* of new things have gone into Realms in the last month, so this may end up being a longer post than normal. I'm not going to put it into any kind of chronological order, it's just going to be as I remember what I added!

First off, abilities have been enhanced, in that they now can…