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Preview: Knight, Ranger, Rogue

Sep 18, 2015

This week's preview will finish off the Military branch of the unit tree with the top-tier units you can get: The Knight, the Ranger, and the Rogue.

Each of these units is highly specialized and has specific roles to play in any combat situation.


Knights are the closest thing you can get to a traditional "tank". Trained up from Squires, they don't do much damage at all due to the additional heavy armor slowing them down but they can stand up to the most powerful enemies, take hits from all sides, and live to tell the tale. You'll want to back them up with some higher-damage units, as their taunt abilities will ensure they are the first thing focused by the enemies.

Knights add a metric TON of survivability to an adventure party, and usually only one will be needed to make sure the party can survive through traps, monsters, and any other dungeon denizens they may encounter!

In addition, Knights will also grant a diplomacy bonus to any adventure party, so it's possible they may not have to fight at all in certain circumstances. This really rounds out their capabilities and allows them to provide multiple roles to you and your colony.


Rangers are very much the opposite of the Knight. They're not very durable, do not like to be in melee, do a significant amount of damage (second highest in the game per single hit) and attack from a distance. They're trained up from Scouts, and have more vision / damage, but attack much slower. Think of them as a sniper designed to take out priority targets.

Rangers add a good amount of damage output to an adventure party, but they also serve to increase the duration the party can stay in the wilderness due to their camp skills. This could be a very useful trait for longer missions, and when coupled with Hunters, a party can stay out for a very long time.


Rogues are the last but not least member in today's trifecta. As you might expect, their focus is on stealth and flanking the enemy. Attacking out of stealth gives the Rogue a massive damage boost, and flanking attacks allow them to ignore some of the target's armor. You'll want to ensure they have a tougher target keeping the enemy's attention though, as any Rogue caught in some semblance of a fair fight will soon find they are on the losing end.

They add pure damage to an adventure party like no other character does, but they also boost the survival that the party gets against traps.


The Rogue, the Knight, and the Ranger. A trio to be reckoned with!

That's all for this week - I hope you've enjoyed reading about the combat units in the game. Next we'll focus on some of the things they'll be fighting against!

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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