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Blacksmith and Craftsman

Oct 07, 2015

Today we get to meet the units that will be doing the majority of your building/crafting. The Craftsman and the Blacksmith!

These units are the advanced builders, and while they have no combat capabilities and cannot go on adventure parties, they do serve an invaluable role in your colony.

The Craftsman is trained from Scribes, and is your main base builder. Able to craft anything a normal peasant can, the Craftsman also brings a large amount of additional crafting options, once researched. Many of the late game features require a Craftsman to build one piece of it or another. You'll definitely want to keep a few of them on hand!


The Craftsman preparing raw resources.

The other unit that is being introduced here is the Blacksmith. This is another crafting unit, but does a different kind of crafting in the form of unit upgrades. Have Squires, Knights, or Rogues? The Blacksmith can forge them new blades and armor. Have Scouts and Rangers? They can get new bows. While Craftsmen can do a few basic metalworking things, the Blacksmith is needed to craft advanced things out of metal. The Blacksmith is also the only unit that can forge things out of crystal, a rare resource that can be used to make some truly powerful artifacts!


The Blacksmith in a workshop forging a new sword.

There's only one more unit to preview after this, and it's one of my personal favourites. Stay tuned next week to find out!

As always, thanks for reading!

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