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Charge, Charge, Charge!

Sep 14, 2016

Hi everyone!

This will serve as the first post under the new update schedule.

A *lot* of new things have gone into Realms in the last month, so this may end up being a longer post than normal. I'm not going to put it into any kind of chronological order, it's just going to be as I remember what I added!

First off, abilities have been enhanced, in that they now can support multiple charges. The applications are pretty straightforward, but there were certain abilities like the Hunter's healing salve ability that I wanted to be able to use more than once, especially in things like an adventure party.

To expand on that, abilities can also optionally not have a cooldown now, meaning they must be replenished in different ways. Three abilities that make use of this right away are the Hunter's healing salve, and the Alchemist's healing potion and haste potion.

For hunters, you will need to replenish this ability by finding herbs in an adventure party. How common these herbs are depends on the location of the adventure. Caves and forests will have herbs in more abundance than a desert, for example.

You can build a herb garden on the main map that will periodically generate herbs. Hunters will automatically refill their abilities if they are not doing anything else and need to do so on the main map.

For alchemists, the Herb Garden also comes into play. They will use other herbs from the garden to make their potions (among other ingredients, if necessary) to stock an alchemy shelf with potions. All you need to do is set the alchemy shelf to the desired quantities and idle alchemists will work on this when they are not doing something else.

Alchemists can carry more charges of these potions, but have no way of replenishing them while not on the main map.

Abilities can also be disabled on certain conditions (like the wizard's current shapeshift form), giving more control and an overall cleaner UI.

The next main point is that the functionality of the portal has changed. As stated before, enemies could attack the portal but now it can actually destabilize and close (this was bugged before). The wizard retains the ability to charge the portal to restore its health but at a large stamina cost.

Destabilized Portal

This portal has destabilized almost to collapse.

I've also done a lot of work with other unit abilities in general. In summary:

  • The squire got a leap attack that allows it to close the distance quickly with an enemy and do a large amount of damage.
  • The rogue got a backstab ability that does a massive amount of damage after teleporting behind the target. If the target is killed by the attack, the cooldown is immediately reset.
  • The knight got a charge ability that quickly closes the distance between it and the enemy doing minor damage, but also applying 3 debuffs on impact for 10 seconds: Slow (50% movement speed), Sunder (50% more damage taken), and Weaken (50% less damage dealt). This is a great initiator for bosses.

Unit Abilities

This goblin didn't stand a chance.

The wizard also got some new spells too under the druid skill tree:

  • The wizard's raven form was improved. It is now fully animated, landing when idle and taking off to fly to new locations. It also is now able to travel in a straight line to the destination rather than being limited to pathing constraints (though a path must still exist to get to the target in some form).
  • The wizard got the spell Wolf Form. This is a large damage dealing form that also has a howl ability. The howl acts as a form of battletide cooldown, briefly decreasing enemy damage by 20%, and raising ally damage by 20% within a small range. It also has stealth and a variant of a leap attack.

Druid Shapeshifting

Be a wise raven or a fearsome wolf!

I've also been working on improving enemy AI, with the beginnings of enemy ability use. This will allow for enemy spellcasters and special moves to be used by other enemies (such as the goblin assassin or the goblin slinger). This entire system will take some time to complete though, so there isn't much to show yet. The most basic building blocks are in place though.

Terrain generation has gotten some attention too, with additional zones being created by the generator and specific prop sets that can be in those zones. The two main ones are Water and Water Edge. This allows a much greater diversity and more lifelike environments. Additionaly, decorator profiles can change the ambient fog intensity and color which lets them create more diversity. Splat maps are more diverse too, as the generator now makes use of perlin noise to apply triplanar textures (which could be things like dirt patches on a grassy field, or mud within the swamp).

Swamp and Tundra

The Swamp and Tundra zones.

Combine that with some other general bug fixes/reworks/balances, and you have what I would call a pretty productive month!

But that is all for this post, time to get started on the September list!

As always, thanks for reading!

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