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Going Green!

Feb 01, 2017

Roll Out is almost ready for Steam Greenlight!

It's been under testing for a few weeks now, and things are progressing well. All that remains is to get back some sprite work that I've been waiting on, and make a short video for an intro.

Several new features have been added, including game progression controls, new shaders/light effects, and improved map generation.

The new shaders basically fake 3d shadows from 2d sprites, and allow for a full day/night cycle range. An example of that can be seen below:

Day/Night Cycle

Day/Night Cycle using shader trickery.

There are still a few things I need to fix/change/tweak before I would actually release the game on Steam (if it were greenlit), however I plan to do those in parallel. The greenlight process takes time and I would like to get it going!

To that end, Qor Concept is looking for beta testers for Roll Out! If you'd like to apply, either log in to your account or sign up, then go to your profile page and mark yourself as interested in beta.

We'll be doing selections soon, so don't delay!

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