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Unit Responses

May 09, 2017

Hello everyone!

One additional feature Beta testers could universally agree on was the lack of unit responses when giving them a command. The game felt like it was missing something without a sound cue to indicate selection, or a move order, etc. So, I've added unit responses!

Each response is registered via the dev tools, and multiple responses are available for each action. The system will simply pick a random one.

Sound Registration via the Dev Tools

The events for crew members currently available in the dev tools.

There are generic responses in the form of sound effects for when a unit type doesn't have any responses specified, so these fields are not mandatory. Various clicks and stings for each action.

It's kind of hard to screenshot a sound, but I plan to have a video for it soon. I decided on voiced over response sounds for the core game, so I'll be recording those with various VO actors over the next 1-2 weeks. The video will be done once all unit VO sounds are recorded. I may do a smaller teaser of it before for indie dev hour though.

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