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Approved on Steam!

Jul 06, 2017
 Tags: roll out, steam

Over the past couple months, we at Qor Concept have been hard at work putting as much polish into our upcoming game Roll Out as possible. Everything from updated artwork, to script tweaks, achievement art, UI reworks, modding support optimization and more.

And now it looks like it's all coming to fruition: Roll Out has been accepted on to Steam!

A new launcher has been created allowing for mod load order selection, automatic download of subscribed workshop content, and more. The whole program has been wrapped in the Steam API, and will make good use of the features provided by it.

There are 16 achievements to hunt for all in all, and the goal was to make them actually feel like an achievement; the kind of thing that you get bragging rights for! These achievements do vary in difficulty, but there are none for overly simplistic tasks. In Roll Out's case the first one isn't free.

We're hard at work on a press kit/landing page for the game, so expect to see that within the next week. Until then, why not head over to the Steam page and take a look at the game for yourself?

Roll Out on Steam

As always, thanks for reading!

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