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Roll Out | In Dev

Sep 28, 2017

Roll Out development continues, with several new features in the pipes!

First and foremost, the Road Train will live up to its name with the addition of Trailers!

Trailer beds can be built at the end of the Road Train, currently with a maximum of 10. These trailer beds can have special trailer buildings added to them, which perform various functions including replicating the functionality of various buildings (for example, a Forge trailer).

They're more expensive, but have the benefit of following the Road Train from stop to stop, giving you a massive advantage based on planning.

Second, a new difficulty option for crew death

Crew members will have the option to, instead of dying when reduced to 0 HP, become knocked out. Knocked out crew members cannot be selected/given orders, and are killed if you roll out without saving them.

They can be saved by having a medkit somewhere in inventory, and ordering another crew member to interact with the fallen crew. After a brief period, the crew member will bandage the other and restore control.

Events will still be able to kill crew members with this enabled, however there is still the other difficulty option to prevent that.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode will function as the game does now, where crew members reduced to 0 HP will be instantly killed.

New Gear

With body armor and melee weapons unlockable and craftable, your crew will stand a better chance against enemies in close quarters combat!

Crew Abilities

The Scientist already gets a healing aura at level 4, now the rest of the crew will have special abilities as well!

  • Militants gain Suppressing Fire, which briefly slows down anything they attack at range.
  • Gatherers gain Strong Back, which allows them to carry more when gathering. They also gain triple melee damage!
  • Engineers gain Blueprints, which reduces all building costs by 10% when they build them.

Bug Fixes

There have been some bugs reported, and they will be addressed in the upcoming patch. The final patch notes will contain all the details.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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