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More Objects!

May 04, 2015

So the last bit of time invested into the level editor has been focused on perfecting the object spawn code. And while I'm not there yet the basic implementation is working just fine! From this point forward it should be just a matter of working with different kinds of props to make sure the system works across a range of situations. On top of all that we also have ghost objects in the game that…

Lights! Camera! AI!

Apr 22, 2015

Another excellent bit of progress.

it started with the implementation of the main HUD, the section where you can give the global orders.

At any point in the game when controlling a character, you can issue them a command to wait for the given order.  They will then hold their current position and you can issue further orders to carry out afterward.

Then, when…

Unity, Visual Studio and Props

Apr 21, 2015

So I read the other night that Visual Studio is going to be shipping as the default IDE for Unity moving forward and I have to say this is absolutely amazing. Don't get me wrong for what it is Monodevelop is pretty impressive but no company can really hope to match the amount of time effort and most importantly…

Take Cover!

Apr 17, 2015

Leaps and bounds worth of progress have been made this week - I've redesigned the UI of the inventory, and started on the main UI work of the actual in-game.  But beyond design, it's interactive (I know, an interactive UI?  Who'd have thought?).

I've added a whole bunch of little things that had been building up, and that were templated in, but I didn't have any way to toggle once in-game.…

Last UI Work for a while

Apr 15, 2015

So as part of the re-do of the UI I've had to do to get 3D images showing inside the UI I decided to try my hand at a bit of graphics work. Using an image Jesse already had on hand I started trying to put together a UI that looked a little less aweful. And as you can see below it only half worked

The border…

Well, there it is.

Apr 13, 2015

That oh so good feeling when you're working like crazy on something and you can finally sit down and say, "I'm done."?

I can do that with this feature.  Sure, there will be a couple more smoothing passes done on it, but the goal was implementation of functionality, and it's there!

  • Inventory data
  • Inventory render
  • Inventory interaction
  • AI expansions
  • Animation…

Adding in Choices

Apr 09, 2015

Lately my time has been split between a few things:

First has been picking away at the minigames.  I've shuffled around my priorities a bit, as the minigames are far enough along that they are a proof of concept and can be used in early testing.  Because of this, they're lower on the list than they were before.  I'd rather get other things working to the point where I can actually start…

UI Progress

Apr 07, 2015

So not too too much to show off here at the moment. Other then I seemed to have mostly solved the issues plaguing the creation of thumbnails for the level editor. Turns out its rather simple if you just RTFM. The camera mode I was using is one ment to render UI elements and UI elements only. This works fine for most things but trying to render a 3D model on top of the UI layer to act as the thumbnails…

Developer Stream!

Mar 31, 2015

This Saturday (April 4) I will be doing a developer stream at 7PM EST!

I'll be doing some work on the minigames, some voice overs, some general testing of things, and I'd love to see you there and get your feedback!

The stream will be on my twitch profile.

Thanks for reading!

Where To Start

Mar 28, 2015

Hey guys!

So I have very little to show off at the moment that isn't just "Look at more things you've already seen" but I saw something today that just compelled me to write about it. You see things like this more and more, ads offering to teach you how to make a video game for the low low cost of STOP! Stop right there because the moment someone wants to take your money to teach you how…