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A Quick Detour

Jan 22, 2015

This week I haven't touched Green Man or the secret project much.  I've gotten my reference images in order and started on the art assets for the final minigame of the four.

Rob and I are also working on the tutorial for the third minigame, so you can expect to see that available soon, as well as adding subtitle support to the tutorials.  I'm also working on ironing out a couple of little…

Introducing Robert AKA Zerodaimaru

Jan 19, 2015

As my first blog post on our spiffy new website I figured it would be appropriate to introduce myself! After all its only polite.

So in most corners of the internet I go by the nickname I've had for a good number of years Zerodaimaru but with how serious Jesse and I both are about this game development thing real names probably would be a good idea yes?

As for my game creation history?…

Playable by...most?

Jan 13, 2015

Rob and I were talking the other day, and the point of gamers with certain disabilities came up, specifically those who are hard of hearing.

We've been designing all our games with a colourblind mode in mind, which basically removes the colour-identifying parts of games (or minigames) and replaces them with alternate cues, or accents otherwise more subtle ones in their place.  But hard of…

Computers? Electronics? Where's the magic?

Jan 06, 2015

Some of you will see the minigames here and think to yourself, "Self.  I don't think these have much to do with magic."'d be right!  The game that these minigames are for is something Zero and I started developing back when I was still actively working on Ars Magica 2, and we decided to finish it as the first game that Qor Concept will create. 

Our current goal is to have…

Minigames Galore!

Jan 06, 2015

So as I'm sure you've noticed, there's a few new minigames here on the site!  Specifically,  Electronics Bypass, and Computer Hacking.  These minigames are from an upcoming game that we're working on, that is yet to be titled.  It's two of the four minigames that will exist in the game.  I'm hard at work on the other two and will have them posted up soon.

It's due to the fact that we're…