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Preview: Knight, Ranger, Rogue

Sep 18, 2015

This week's preview will finish off the Military branch of the unit tree with the top-tier units you can get: The Knight, the Ranger, and the Rogue.

Each of these units is highly specialized and has specific roles to play in any combat situation.


Knights are the closest thing you can get to a traditional "tank". Trained up from Squires, they don't do much…

Preview: Scout and Squire

Sep 11, 2015

This week's preview features the Scout and the Squire, the Tier 3 units down the combat path.

The squire is a medium-armored infantry unit that has an extreme amount of melee damage. Apart from the rogue, nothing does more in the collection of allied units. For that reason alone, you're going to want a few of these guys around. They still can't take too much damage, but most 1v1 encounters…

Unit Preview: Hunter

Sep 03, 2015

The next unit in our series of unit previews is the hunter.

Hunters are advanced food gatherers that will allow your colony to subsist on more than foraged nuts and berries.

Hunted animals are a much higher yield of food, but you'll need to be careful to not over-hunt and run the food supply out!


Unit Preview: Peasant

Aug 26, 2015

The first unit in our series of previews is The Peasant.

Now, I know a peasant may not seem all that important, but this is the starting point of all of your units in the game, and is one of your major resource gatherers. All units start as a peasant, and are trained from there.

The peasant doesn't have much in terms of combat capability. With low HP and even lower damage,…