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<![CDATA[Roll Out! What is it all about?]]> A global apocalypse has happened, and though everyone said you were crazy, you’re the one laughing now. You built the Road Train, a modular upgradeable rolling fortress that will carry you away from Ground Zero as the crisis spreads.

There’s just one problem: supplies are limited. Every so often the Road Train will need to stop so you can collect food, materials, and possibly most importantly: fuel.

Each stop can only be so long. If you don’t hurry, the spreading apocalypse will consume you!
You’ll need to make use of your crew to keep the Road Train moving as the world falls apart behind you!
Roll Out (working title) is a game about getting away from an apocalyptic event. You do so over the course of 30 stops, in which you will need to refuel the Road Train, gather materials, perform research, take care of your crew, and make any repairs to the Road Train that are needed.

Each stop is timed, with the base line being 10 minutes. You’ll need to choose what to work on in order to succeed. In between each stop, there are events that can happen. Most of them give you a choice, and will either positively or negatively affect your next stop, the Road Train, or your crew. For example, some might give you extra time at your next stop, some might give you less, some might damage the Road Train. This damage might need to be repaired before you can leave the current stop, or it might increase the risk of other factors.

Roll Out has been designed to be moddable right from day one. In fact, most of the game’s content is already registered using the modding API. So if there’s something you don’t like, you can change it. If there’s something you feel is missing, you can add it. The project already has the API for Steam added to it as well, so Steam Workshop support is something that is going to happen. Biomes, Terrain, Items, Travel Events, Weather and Buildings are all registered via manifest files. These files include things like textures and common properties that the game will load and import into the game.

For custom functionality, the game also supports Lua scripts for most of these objects as well. An API for Lua is being created that will allow your scripts to interact with the game directly and make new features via mods possible.]]> Thu, 06 Oct 2016 12:14:31 -0400