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  • **WARNING**
    At certain points during the video, the audio gets a little loud. Specifically during the dungeon. You may want to turn your headphones or speakers down. Sorry about that! Still have some EQ work to do on the music.

    This is the first video of the Distant Realms pre-alpha build. I had a few demo demons rear their heads during the recording, but I had delayed this video for long enough already, and I made the best of it. It's nice to have something to show you guys that is more than still images and descriptions!

    I'm aware there's still a ton of work to be done on it and there are a couple of bugs displayed in the video, but I'll hunt them down and squash them long before this game is released.

    As for release date, I am aimimg for a release near the end of 2016. This is by no means set in stone. Best laid plans, and all.
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    • Hey Mithion !!

      Lookin' good! Love the procedural generation and multi-tasking between the dungeon and overworld; makes for a good micro/macro game management concept. Feeding into my gaming desires.

      Keep up the great work, 1MA.